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Frequently asked questions:

What do you do?

Our teams removes and delivers furniture, rubbish, appliances, pianos, donations (etc) from residencies and commercial properties all throughout the Lower Mainland. We are a full service junk removal and delivery company!

What do you haul away?

We haul away anything that isn't a hazard to our employee's. For example, we cant haul away: Asbestos drywall, feces, and animal remains. We can haul away furniture, rubbish, donations, appliances, clean wood, hot tubs, pianos, and so much more!

Are you a moving/delivery service as well?

Yes! We have Isuzu Cube Box trucks which are fully enclosed and we have tens of ratchets straps, hundreds of blankets, lift gates, ramps, full liability insurance, and experienced team members to move you right too!

Do you donate and/or recycle?

We donate and recycle all accepted items/materials. While loading we sort through everything to ensure we contribute as little to the landfills as possible.

Why do you charge?

We need to be able to afford operating/maintaining large trucks, disposal fees which average nearly 30% of the gross income of most jobs, advertising, fair wages, diesel, insurance, and other business expenses like memberships, etc.

How do you charge?

We charge by the amount of volume you use and potentially by hourly wages when its applicable with junk removal. We also provide average rates for larger items like furniture to make the process easier and less predatory. For Deliveries we simply charge by the hour starting from 80/hr.

Why do you have to see the junk to provide a quote?

Without being able to see the junk in-person our team can't provide a accurate quote. We know no one likes surprises so we offer free in-person estimates which create no obligation to compensate.

Will you top a competitors quote?

If it's a legitimate quote we guarantee to beat it!

How big is your truck?

Our trucks can carry just over 1100 cubic feet and 3200kg while the competition can typically only carry 400 cubic feet and 1000-1500kg.

How much notice do you require?

Depending on our schedule we only need as little as an hours notice. However, if we are busier the chance of us accomodating that request is low so we prefer a days notice when possible!

What equipment do you use?

Besides our hard working laborers we utilize dollies, moving blankets/pads, rubbermaid garbage bins, and we also have sets of tools tucked away for anything which may require them.

What do you do to prevent damage to my property?

Our laborers are in no hurry and take time navagting your home with your junk and donations in-hand. If needed we also use moving blankets and rubber pieces to avoid damage to walls/flooring. We are also insured for 5 million liability if that fails!

Do I have to be at the property?

No, as long as we have access to the rubbish/delivery items no one has to be on the premise. We would simply call with our quote after arrving, take a picture to show you the load is completed, and take the payment by E-transfer or credit card.

What do you do with the junk?

What we can't donate or recycle we dispose of at city transfer stations and private disposal facilities.

Where is your company located?

We are based in Surrey but provide our services to almost all of the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley! From Richmond to Whiterock to Chilliwack and up to North Van.

Why use your service instead of a bin?

We do all the labor, don't require a payment before completion, and only charge you for the volume you use, unlike a bin service.


junk/ waste


Construction/reno debris

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Pallets/ clean wood





Hot Tubs


Pianos/ organs


Exercise equipment


Mattresses/ springs



Concrete/ tiles


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